What you need to know about YO WhatsApp's privacy settings - Yo WhatsApp download

YO WhatsApp APK is one of the most popular instant messaging apps.  ME WhatsApp is often preferred because of its data protection.  The developer offers in the YO WhatsApp APK a series of user-oriented privacy settings.  You may already be familiar with some of these privacy settings, but we hope this blog will help you use the privacy features of YO Mod WhatsApp.

What you need to know about YO WhatsApp's privacy settings - Yo WhatsApp download

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YO WhatsApp allows you to disable the "Recent" option under "Comments" at the top of the chat screen.  You can also give this permission only to your contacts instead of making it available to the world.

Set who can see your photos

There are times when we don't want anyone to see our photos.  That's why YO WhatsApp APK allows you to decide who can see your photos.  You can choose between "All Users", "My Contacts" and "Nobody".

Do not allow additions to groups

I am sure we have all been through this before.  When you open WhatsApp, you find several groups.  This is because WhatsApp allows other users to add you to groups without your consent.  Luckily, in the latest version of YO WhatsApp, you can now control who can add you to groups.

You can configure this by navigating to Privacy > Groups.

Hide your online status

With WhatsApp ME APK, you can now hide your online status.  If you don't want others to know you're online, try this unique feature.  When this option is enabled, your friends will no longer receive your online notifications.  A chat dialog box will appear, but your offline status will be shown.

Define who can call you.

It is sometimes difficult to fend off some unwanted calls.  Even if you hang up, the person will continue to talk.  With the ME WhatsApp Download APK, you can set who can call me, a feature that is not available in WhatsApp.  With three options to choose from, you can use this feature in more detail to block unwanted calls.

The latest version of ME WhatsApp has a number of privacy features.  For example, you can disable the blue checkmark.  You can click the YO WhatsApp download link below to access the detail page.