How can I fix message delay issues on YOWhatsApp APK? - YoWhatsApp download

 Have you encountered any delays in sending messages with YOWhatsApp APK?  Even if the network conditions are good, delays in message delivery can drive you crazy.  You may be wondering why.  Is it a network signal issue or a problem with the YOWhatsApp APK system?  So let us help you resolve this confusion.

Even when signal conditions are good, there is a delay in message delivery.  You can try the following measures

How can I fix message delay issues on YOWhatsApp APK? - YoWhatsApp download

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Reset YO WhatsApp APK

First of all, a problem with the YO WhatsApp system cannot be ruled out.  In this case, there may be delays in the YO WhatsApp system.  You need to close YO WhatsApp and restart the app.

Restart the Android device.

Apart from restarting YO Mod WhatsApp, there may be times when the app is not working because the device is not fast enough.

Clear the phone cache.

This is probably the most important reason for delays in message delivery.  You should not only delete the cache of YOWhatsApp, but also the junk ones on the Android phone in order to free up internal storage space.

Turn off power saving mode

You can also check if the power saving mode is enabled.  If it is enabled, it must be disabled.  This is because the power saving mode limits the use of certain functions to some extent and can slow down the sending of messages.

ME Reinstall WhatsApp.

If the above measures do not solve the problem, you should uninstall YOWhatsApp and reinstall YO Mod WhatsApp.